Survey Questions

The data collected from this survey will help  to understand residents' travel behaviour and characteristics and will help in making informated transportation planning and investment decisions.

The Nova Scotia Travel Activity (NovaTRAC) Survey asks questions about your household and household members' daily travel activities. We will ask questions regarding household information and about the trips made by each member of your household. This will include where you went, how you got there, and what you did there.

Here is a sample of the questions asked:

About your household

- The number of residents, status, and income

- The number and types of vehicles

- Electric vehicle preference

About the survey respondant

- Age

- Education and Employment information

About COVID-19, online activities and preferences

- Working from home

- Online activities

- Travel preferences

About each place visited and trips made by each person on a weekday

- Departure and arrival time

- Location of places visited

- Reason for making the trip (e.g., work or school)

- Mode of transportation used


A trip is a one-way journey from one location to another by any form of transportation. The travel day reported must be a weekday (i.e., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays). The survey will ask you to provide information about each place you have been, starting with your location at 3:00am on your travel day and ending with your location at 2:59am the following day.