The Halifax Travel Activity (HaliTRAC) survey is a voluntary travel survey that focuses on how residents of Halifax Regional Municipality travel in their daily lives. The goal of the survey is to understand residents' travel behaviour and charateristics. The information collected through this survey will help the Municipality in making informed transportation planning and investment decisions.

DalTRAC in collaboration with the Province of Nova Scotia and Halifax Regional Municipality first developed this survey in 2014 under the name Nova Scotia Travel Activity (NovaTRAC) . 

Your participation is important!

If you received a text, postcard, invitation package, or phone call from a third-party telephone vendor, you have been randomly selected to participate in the study and have the chance to shape the future of transportation in Halifax Regional Municipality!

The survey will collect information about your household and household members' daily travel activities. The survey will ask questions about your travel activities on the previous weekday, including where you went, how you got there, and what you did there. The travel day reported must be a weekday (i.e., Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). Each household member may choose to record their travel activities using the travel log form.

It is important that information on a variety of transportation modes  used by residents within HRM is collected - including drivers, public transit users, cyclists, and pedestrians - regardless of how many trips were took.

Starting in June 2022, survey postcards for online survey participation will be sent to randomly selected households. The survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes depending on the size of your household and number of trips taken in the chosen travel day. It is extremely important that all data is entered completely and accurately.

How do I participate?

You can participate in the HaliTRAC survey in one of three easy ways:

  1. Online: You may complete the survey by following the QR code or by visiting www.daltraclab.com and entering in the secure access code provided to you.
  2. Mail: If you received an invitation package in the mail, you may complete the survey by filling out the supplied questionnaire and travel logs and mailing them back using the pre-paid envelopes included in the package. 
  3. Telephone: If we do not receive your survey submission online or via mail within two weeks of receiving the initial text message or mail package, you will receive a phone call to complete it over the phone. The interviewer will ask the same questions as the web survey.

Your Privacy is Assured

The DalTRAC team is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its participants. The risks associated with this research are very minimal, with no direct risk to participants. Protecting your privacy is critical to the success of this survey.

All information collected will be kept strictly confidential and used to produce statistical summaries only. We will remove your identifying information at the beginning of data processing. Any identifying information will be replaced by random access codes. Although directly identifying data will be removed, indirectly identifying information may still be present in the data. Therefore, DalTRAC research students and municipal staff will maintain strict confidentiality protocols in accessing the datasets for research and transportation planning purposes. 

Names, addresses, and phone numbers are destroyed at the conclusion of the survey's data collection phase and before responses are given to the Halifax Regional Municipality. 


Study Area

The Halifax Travel Activity Survey area encompasses all communicites in Halifax Regional Municipality. Participate today and represent your community!


Participant Inquiries and General Inquiries:

Project Coordinator - DalTRAC: daltrac@dal.ca

Project Manager - Halifax Regional Municipality: romanel@halifax.ca