The main mission of the Daedalus project is to promote the development of curriculum maps for all interested programs and academic units. This process is more than technology: it is about collecting enough information so that important questions can be answered, and important insights be communicated to instructors and students alike. 

Getting mapping started @ Dalhousie

Join the community of programs and academic units that are developing, using, and maintaining curriculum maps

You will be provided with a blank map and all the support to implement the mapping exercise. You will also be supported in your efforts to analyze and communicate your findings to instructors, students, and accreditation bodies.

Getting mapping started beyond Dalhousie

Partners across Canada are particiapating in the beta testing of Daedalus. If you believe that Daedalus may be useful to your units, and you are willing to collaborate in our community testing, please get in touch with cblouin@dal.ca .

Workshops on outcome-based design

A valuable outcome of mapping is the definition of expectations as outcomes. This process facilitates the setting of expectation levels instead of merely making lists of topics. 

Thinking in terms of student learning outcomes is beneficial to both program and instructors. The Daedalus project focuses on facilitating the process of student learning outcomes in a way that not only enables mapping, but also supports course delivery.