Daedalus is a curriculum mapping software accessible via any web browser. It requires the collection of a minimal set of information, but does its best to make this information work for you as much as possible.

Usually, each course, lab, or tutorial is broken down into 10-20 key student learning outcomes. A learning outcome is a task that will be evaluated using Daedalus. Learning outcomes are tagged by categories for easy filtering and can be connected to each other to build a pedagogical progression through a program.

All of this information is stored into a database. It is up to you to determine who can see and edit content. Most importantly, students and instructors get to find out how each course fits into the big picture.

Available for all programs

All programs on campus are welcome to use Daedalus. Get in touch with us first to determine whether this is the right tool to acheive your goals. A map is a website, availble on the majority of web browsers. There are no installations nor technical maintenance required. 

Partners from outside of Dalhousie are also welcome. Please get in touch with us to see how we have collaborated with people across Canada.