CSSD roundtable on 2023 Turkish elections

The Turkish general election, originally scheduled for June 18, promises to be an extremely contentious one, which has important implications for the future of democratic government in the country, and perhaps even for democracy more globally. President Erdoğan has jailed some of his most prominent political rivals and recently indicated that he plans to arbitrarily reschedule the elections to mid-May, a move that’s evocative of past turns to one-party government. Will Erdoğan further undermine democratic competition and accountability? How will this affect diplomatic relations with the EU, Russia, and the US? And how will all of this be affected by Türkiye’s ongoing economic turmoil, the ongoing political conflicts around migration in the region, the war in Ukraine, and the catastrophic earthquakes in early February?





Please join us in-person in Mona Campbell 3107, or via Zoom, by following this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85134437503?pwd=RmdKUGJPRFRTTUhPd1FvV2xqQVc5QT09

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