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Campus Visit and Meeting with Lt. Col Matthew Sargent, UK MOD

Lt Col Matthew Sargent, from the British Ministry of Defence’s Development, Concepts, and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) in Shrivenham, UK is meeting an invited group in connection with his work on the MOD’s Global Strategic Trends (GST) program, and specifically the North America component.

The North American study is to explore and describe key trends, drivers and alternative outcomes in climate and environment, demographics, human development, economy, governance, geopolitics and security which will shape the strategic context of the North American Region out to 2050 and from these deduce the strategic implications globally, regionally and for the UK.

Geographically, the study includes Canada, United States of America, Bermuda, Greenland and St Pierre et Miquelon.  Impact and influences from actors in other parts of the world will also be considered in this work-strand, and there is a particular interest in understanding how the 'Pivot to Asia' will affect the region.


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