Project Details


Our Goals

  1. Increase the proportion of ischemic stroke patients that receive alteplase or EVT by 5%
  2. Reduce the time to treatment for both alteplase and EVT
    • Reduce the door-to-needle time for alteplase treatment to a median of 30 minutes
    • Reduce the door-to-groin-puncture time for EVT treatment to a median of 60 minutes
    • Reduce the door-in-door-out time for patients transferred for EVT to a median of 50 minutes
    • Reduce the time from first medical treatment to needle and groin puncture

How Will Improvement be Made?

An Improvement Collaborative will be carried out three times across Atlantic Canada. The Improvement Collaborative uses alternating face-to-face workshops (called Learning Sessions) and action periods to test and implement changes at local hospitals.

Each Improvement Collaborative will be 6-months long, and they will be carried out at different times across the region.

The order of participation will be as follows:

  1. Stroke centres across Nova Scotia
  2. Stroke centres across New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
  3. Stroke centres across Newfoundland and Labrador

All Primary and Comprehensive stroke centres will participate in an Improvement Collaborative.  The Collaborative will have two Learning Sessions.  The Learning Sessions involve sharing information with hospital teams and facilitation of cross-site learning. After each Learning Session, sites will test and implement improvement during the Action Period. Alongside world-leading stroke neurologists, we will be supporting teams with site visits and bi-monthly webinars to assist you in your improvement efforts during the Action Period. 

The Improvement Collaborative Process:

  1. The Improvement Collaborative starts with site enrolling, 
  2. Teams then participate in the first Learning Session
  3. The first Action Period follows where changes are trialed using PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycles
  4. The second Learning Session follows the first Action Period
  5. The final step is the second Action Period

Here is a diagram that shows Improvement Collaborative process:

Flowchart depicting the Improvement Collaborative Process