Why is this Important?

In a typical acute ischemic stroke 1.9 million neurons die every minuteTime is Brain.

In ischemic stroke patients, opening the blocked artery as soon as possible saves brain. Treating patients faster with both alteplase (tPA) and endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) improves the chance that a patient can return home with no or little disability. 

Learn about the details of ACTEAST including our project goals and information about how improvements will be made.  ACTEAST is a 3-year project; view the project schedule

What are the Benefits?

The potential benefit for patients experiencing ischemic stroke is profound. It is anticipated that 10-20% of ischemic stroke patients will have improved outcomes, which means that up to 550 more patients each year in Atlantic Canada can return to their homes with no or little disability, and utilize much less rehabilitation and long-term care services.