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Research Awards and Prizes

The Dalhousie research community is strong and vibrant.  Our researchers lead and are involved in exciting research programs that have significant impact on our society and our natural world.  We want to see that research recognized and celebrated. 

One of the ways that this can be accomplished is through nominations for local, regional, national or international awards.

Do you have a colleague that’s deserving of recognition?  Are you doing exciting work that’s both innovative and impactful?  If you would like to nominate a colleague (or yourself) for a local, regional, national or international award, complete the form below. 

A list of prestigious high-level awards and prizes for consideration is available here.  It is by no means exhaustive. Questions may be directed to Maureen Keough, Manager, Awards and Prizes at Maureen.Keough@dal.ca or 904-494-7706.

Nomination Form