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Recent Funding Awards

National and international recognition

Dalhousie University is nationally and internationally known for its ground-breaking research initiatives. These projects generate new knowledge in the fields of ocean science, medicine, the social sciences, biomedicine, chemistry and more.

Recent research awards

  • Ron O'Dor and Sara Iverson, Faculty of Science, and David VanderZwaag, Marine & Environmental Law Institute, "Ocean Tracking Network." Value: $45,300,000 (CFI, SSHRC & NSERC).
  • Scott Halperin, Faculty of Medicine, "PHAC/CIHR Influenza Research Network." Value: $13,974,459 (CIHR & PHAC).
  • Douglas Wallace, Faculty of Science, "Canada Excellence Research Chair in Ocean Science and Technology."  Value: $10,000,000 (Government of Canada).
  • Frederic C. Wien, School of Social Work, "A Poverty Reduction Approach to Improving the Health and Well-being of First Nation Communities."  Value: $2,481,370 (CIHR).
  • Jeffrey Dahn, Depts. of Chemistry and Physics, "DREAMS (Dalhousie Research in Energy, Advanced Materials and Sustainability." Value: $1,650,000 (NSERC).
  • Graham A. Gagnon, Centre for Water Resource Studies, "STEWARD (Systems Training and Education in Water Assets Research  and Development."  Value: $1,650,000 (NSERC).
  • Geoff Maksym, Department of Biomedical Engineering, "An Integrated NSERC CREATE Training Program in Biomedical Device Innovation."  Value: $1,607,980 (NSERC).
  • Marine Affairs Program, Faculty of Architecture & Planning and Atlantic Centre for Excellence in Women's Health, "International Youth Internship Program: Preparing Young Canadians to Successfully Contribute to the Needs of a Shrinking World." Value: $765,000 (CIDA).
  • David Jakeman, Department of Chemistry and College of Pharmacy, "Structural, enzymatic and cellular mechanism of action studies on new jadomycins." Value: $483,200 (CIHR & NSERC).
  • Finn Laursen, Department of Political Science, European Union Centre of Excellence, "Centre of Excellence at Dalhousie University." Value: 300,000 euro (European Union).