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Jocelyn Downie's research exploring the legal and ethical issues at the end of life is at the forefront of society’s responses to these complex, emotional, and controversial issues that touch us all. Her groundbreaking work has earned her recognition as Dalhousie's first Trudeau Fellow.

Dalhousie is proud to be home to two new Royal Society Fellows. One of the country’s best legal thinkers, Richard Devlin fosters fairness and equality in Canada’s legal progression. Jeffrey Hutchings is committed to fish and fisheries research to help restore this important natural resource.

The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists celebrates Christine Chambers, Chike Jeffers and Krista Kesselring. Your remarkable contribution to the arts, humanities and science is research at work, and at its best.

Watch videos that outline the research of Christine Chambers, Chike Jeffers and Krista Kesselring.

Dalhousie post-doctoral fellow, Jeremy Schmidt is changing how we think about water. Sharing this precious natural resource fairly and justly involves us all – from policy makers to First Nations to the private sector.  He's the recipient of the 2015 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Impact Award in the Talent category.
One of the most cited researchers in the world, Dr. Axel Becke has spent his entire career focused on one goal: making the density-functional theory (DFT) work for chemical reactions. His research earned him the 2015 Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal – the second year in a row the prestigious award has been presented to a Dal researcher.
Dr. Ford Doolittle has dedicated over 40 years to exploring evolution’s impact on the mystery of the genome, and the early evolution of cells. He’s the winner of the prestigious Herzberg Medal presented by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the first recipient in Atlantic Canada.
Dr. Thomas Marrie, dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and Dr. Mary Anne White, professor in the Department of Chemistry, have been inducted as Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada - Canada's most distingushed academic society. Learn more about their world-renowned work.
Dr. Michael Ungar, social work, is building the 'Children and Youth in Challenging Context Network' to link experts around the globe who are dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Professor Andrew Roger and Oceanography Professor John Cullen are Dalhousie's most recent inductees into the Royal Society of Canada.

Learn more about Dr. Roger's super kingdom research and Dr. Cullen's passion for oceans on YouTube.

Randall Martin, atmospheric chemistry, and Boris Worm, biology, recieved Steacie Fellowships for their research on climate change.

Watch videos about Dr. Martin's research on pollutants and human health and Dr. Worm's research insights on oceans and the sustainability of our future.

The Power of Dal has enabled Dr. Jeff Dahn's research team to design the world’s first High Precision Charger—technology that will drive the cars of the future.

Watch highlights of how Dr. Dahn's team is developing lithium ion batteries that will last not years, but decades.
Master's student Braden Murphy and mechanical engineering prof Dr. Darrel Doman are bringing their incredible pneumatic engine technology to the world market.