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Dalhousie's priority research areas

and areas of emerging research strength

In its Strategic Research Plan [PDF - 417 KB], Dalhousie University has identified four priority research areas, as well as an additional three areas of emerging research strength.  Each area contains a number of smaller research "clusters".

Priority research areas

Ocean Studies

  • Marine Biological Resources and Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Marine Technologies
  • Ocean Environmental Processes
  • Arctic Studies
  • Ocean Law and Governance
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Marine Bio-Resources
  • Marine Affairs

Advanced Materials and Clean Technology

  • Clean Energy and Storage
  • Semiconductors
  • Environmentally Sustainable Materials and Clean Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Civil Infrastructure

Health and Wellness

  • Biological Structures and Mechanisms
  • Medical Products, Vaccines and Technologies
  • Clinical Patient-Oriented Research and Translation to Health Outcomes, Services and Policy
  • Social, Cultural and Environmental Determinants of Health and Wellness
  • Life Course Developmen

Governance, Society and Culture

  • Peace, Conflict Management, Mediation and Security
  • Ethics, Values and Expert Knowledge
  • Studies of Europe
  • Social Justice and Development
  • Cultural Studies, including Aboriginal and Migration Research
  • Cultural Aspects of Digital and Social Media

 Areas of emerging research strength

Information Science and Communication

  • Computer and Wireless Information Networks
  • Information Systems
  • New Media

Agriculture and Food Technologies

  • Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems
  • Applied Molecular Biology, Genomics and Biotechnology
  • Bio-Product and Bio-Resource Management

Energy and the Environment

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Non-Renewable Energy
  • Reduction of Energy Use