Solving Complex Global Issues

Leveraging Dalhousie’s Research Strengths

How can we maximize the effectiveness of our research and innovation efforts? Dalhousie University’s approach to this work is twofold: first, to leverage our greatest research strengths to partner with others globally and second, to focus our efforts on solving some of the most complex global issues facing humankind.

World leaders have committed to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a plan which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals aimed at mobilizing efforts to end poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind. These goals will serve to focus global research efforts and will help facilitate cooperation and collaboration across national boundaries, providing opportunities for partnership as the world’s top researchers apply their brain power to this century’s most pressing problems.

Dalhousie supports this effort, and our signature research clusters are grounded in the UN’s goals. 

Learn more about how Dalhousie is making impact on the important global goals.