Healthy People, Healthy Communities, Healthy Populations

From world-leading vaccine research to the investigation of the social, cultural and environmental determinants of health and wellness, Dalhousie’s approach to health research is grounded in an understanding that the health of individuals, communities and populations are interconnected and interdependent. Dalhousie is the major training centre in the Maritimes for life sciences, health professions and health law and policy research personnel. Research in this area involves work done a wide range of Faculties at Dalhousie as well as provincial health departments, hospitals, research institutes and research foundations.

Research Focus Areas:

  • Infection, immunity, inflammation and vaccinology 
  • Genomics, bioinformatics and health 
  • Community, population and Indigenous health and well-being
  • Primary and continuing care transformation
  • Mental health, resilience and health equity
  • Chronic disease prevention, treatment and management across the lifespan
  • Body function and mobility
  • Neuroscience and brain function
  • Health data analytics, AI and technologies
  • Critical health, health law, health policy and bioethics

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