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Final reminder: Sexton planned power outage, May 27

Posted by Facilities Management on May 26, 2023 in Facilities Management

There will be a planned power outage Saturday May 27, from 6 AM to 8 p.m. impacting almost all of Sexton Campus. This outage is to perform necessary high voltage upgrades and will last for up to 16 hours.  

As in past outages, re-routing power from other buildings or backup generators may be available on a case-by-case basis for critical equipment.  We can also assist in correct shutdown procedures in advance of the outage.

In preparation, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety ask that everyone complete the following tasks before they leave today, Friday May 26

  1. Powering down and unplugging any computers, printers, photocopiers, etc. (especially those that are not connected to surge protectors).
  2. Removing any perishable food or drink from lunchroom or office fridges/freezers
  3. If it is safe to do so, powering down and/or disconnecting any laboratory equipment(especially any heating devices, such as ovens or hot plates, which may come back on when power is restored).
  4. If it is safe to do so, turning off any process gasses, process liquids, or water supplies to equipment.
  5. Releasing pressure on any systems that may still be under load, such as hydraulic cylinders.
  6. Ensuring any laboratory backup systems that might be in-place are in good working order (batteries fully charged, gas cylinders full, etc.)
  7. Properly stoppering/capping, and storing, any laboratory chemicals that may be present.
  8. Fully closing all fumehood sashes.

As a reminder, the buildings will not be able to be occupied during the outage, as well as for at least an hour after power is restored.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact project manager Charles Bennett at  

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