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Update on NSGEU Local 77 negotiations

Posted by Human Resources on April 9, 2021 in Human Resources

As was communicated on March 26, conciliation between Dalhousie University and NSGEU Local 77 was unsuccessful. The University presented a final offer, which the NSGEU did not endorse, but agreed to present to its members for a vote. The vote was held on April 6 and the membership rejected the offer.

This vote does not mean that NSGEU Local 77 members are going to strike. It does mean NSGEU Local 77 staff are serious about the issues being discussed at the negotiating table. The University takes them seriously, too.

Dalhousie remains committed to working with NSGEU to reach a fair collective agreement. We are hopeful that this will be resolved without labour disruption.

You can read the full update on the Labour Relations website.