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"Thunks" from SuperNOVA

Posted by SuperNOVA at Dalhousie University on April 2, 2020 in General Announcements

Here at SuperNOVA, we like to get people thinking about Science...

Introducing 'Thunks' - little nuggets of thought without an immediate answer - these are to get you discussing STEM and pondering life's big questions wherever you are! Below are a list of a few of these Thunks, perhaps to discuss with your family at home or your colleagues over virtual meetings or just to consider for yourself: 

  • If atoms never touch, do you ever touch anything?
  • Does a hard drive weigh more when it's full?​
  • Is it more important for a scientist to ask the right questions or to have the right answers?
  • Is the future closer today than it was yesterday?
  • Can we ever build a computer that knows everything?
  • When does slow become fast?
  • Would you rather be in a plane flown by a human or a computer?
  • Are black and white colours?
  • Which is the more important invention - the telescope or the microscope?
  • Is the human who built a computer more clever than the device itself? 

Get Thunking! We hope you've enjoyed these mini mind-benders, let us know if you have any to suggest yourself on our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or by email (!