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We are recruiting participants in a research study

Posted by Computer Science on October 16, 2019 in General Announcements

This study is to identify the factors that affect breastfeeding practices and help us to understand the impact of how technology can be designed to support breastfeeding mothers. The study will contribute to the research area of Persuasive Technology for Health and Wellness. I am seeking any mother with breastfeeding experience and who is familiar with the technology. You will first read an introduction to the survey (Informed Consent) and give consent to participate in the study. The survey will start with general demographic questions. Then, you will have some questions about your breastfeeding experiences (both positive and negative). The survey will take between 15-30 minutes to be completed.

Your participation is highly appreciated and is completely voluntary. All data will be treated confidentially and for research purposes only, and you will not be asked for any personal identifiable information.

If you know people that may be interested in taking part in the study, please, send them the link

You will be entered in a draw to win a $50 prepaid visa card.

If you are interested in participating, please click on this link: