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Urban Nature Walk: Birds

Posted by Environmental Science & Biology on May 21, 2019 in General Announcements

Join the first of seven guided nature walks on the Dalhousie Studley campus on Wednesday, May 22nd from 12:15 pm-1pm meeting outside the Henry Hicks Building in the Studley quad examining the birds in the natural environment just outside our offices and classrooms! This walk will be led by Andy Horn and is an opportunity to get outside during your lunch hour, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and learn about the nature that surrounds us even in the heart of the city. The event is free and there will be an opportunity to share your findings from the day's walk with fellow birders and naturalists through 

Stay tuned for the upcoming walks throughout the next year and four seasons! We will explore edible plants, indigenous knowledge, geology, intertidal communities, mushrooms, and urban forestry! The next walk will be sometime in June.