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Job Postings

Posted by Human Resources on March 21, 2018 in Job Postings

Posting Number: N77-18015
Title: Senior Systems and Storage Technologist
Classification: SIT2
Department: Information Technology Services
Apply by: April 3, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/734833

Posting Number: EXAD-18002
Title: Chief Analyst and Managing Director
Classification: EXAD
Department: Dalhousie Analytics
Apply by: April 16, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/734862

Posting Number: N77-18016
Title: Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Coordinator (Term)
Classification: C6
Department: Undergraduate Medical Education
Apply by: April 11, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/735016

Posting Number: GPD-18012

Title: Executive Director
Classification: Grant-paid
Department: DeepSense
Apply by: April 11, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/735022

Posting Number: GPD-18013

Title: Receptionist
Classification: Grant-paid
Department: Centre for Water Resources Studies
Apply by: March 30, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/735026

Posting Number: DPMG-18036

Title: Business Analyst (2 Positions) (Term)
Classification: ADM5
Department: Office of the Registrar
Apply by: March 27, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/735050

Posting Number: DPMG-18037
Title: Faculty Alumni Officer
Classification: ADM5
Department: Faculty of Dentistry
Apply by: April 4, 2018

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/en/posting/735055