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Get to Know your DalCard #6: DalCard Plus

Posted by Ancillary Services - DalCard on March 21, 2018 in General Announcements

Have you heard about the DalCard Plus Program? A bit different than your normal DalCard, the DalCard Plus works like a departmental credit card and may be used to make departmental purchases at all DalCard vendors. It's easy to use - at the end of the month, your purchases are automatically billed to your department by journal entry.

Use your DalCard Plus at the on and off campus vendors, including restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and the Bookstore.

If your department would like to have a DalCard Plus, simply complete the application form and return it to the DalCard Office.

Your DalCard is more than an ID card. For more information, visit​/dalcard or contact the DalCard office at (902) 494-2334.​