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Senate Agenda for March 12, 2018

Posted by Senate office, University Secretariat on March 7, 2018 in General Announcements

Notice of Meeting
Dalhousie University Senate
Monday, March 12, 2018
3:00pm ‐ 5:00pm

Theatre A, Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building

Carleton Campus, Halifax


1. Approval of Agenda

2.  Consent Agenda

2.1 Senate Nominating Committee: Senate Standing Committee Nominations*

3.    Matters Arising from the February 26, 2018 Senate Meeting Minutes

4.  Steps to Make Diversity and Inclusion a Reality

 Presenter: Jennifer Stamp, Department of Psychology
Re: Strategic Priority 5.2 Foster a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness


5.   Senate Planning and Governance Committee:

 Appointment of Senate Faculty representative on the Board of Governors 2018-2021*

Presenter: Kevin Hewitt, Chair, Senate Planning and Governance Committee


6.  Interim report to Senate Outcome of the Engagement with the Board of Governors on the Ad Hoc Committee of Senate Report on Fossil Fuel Divestment*

Presenter: Kevin Hewitt, Chair of Senate

7.   Draft Budget Advisory Committee Report*

 Presenter: Carolyn Watters, Chair, Budget Advisory Committee

8.  Reports:

      8.1 Chair of Senate's Report

      8.2 DSU President's Report

       8.3 Questions for Reports

9.   Question Period

10.  Other Business