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Upcoming training for supervisors

Posted by Human Resources on September 12, 2017 in Human Resources

There are two different trainings. One is a 1-day session for those stepping up to a supervisory role and the other is a multi-day program for new DPMG Supervisors. Please read the descriptions below for information on who should attend.

1.    Stepping up to Supervision – October 4, 2017

Who Should Attend? 

This one day workshop is for those who are either: 

·         about to take on a supervision role

·         brand new to supervision (6 months or less) or

·         supervising part-time students or casual employees

The session will help you to understand the role of leadership and to learn some fundamental skills and strategies needed to be effective in a supervisory role.

  • What is the difference between ‘leading’ and ‘managing’?
  • How does a leader determine what ‘success’ is?
  • How do you address performance concerns without getting people’s backs up?
  • How do you motivate short-term staff members who are not planning to be around for long?

For more information and to register:  Stepping up to Supervision


2.       Supervisory Development Program – January – March, 2018

Who Should Attend? 

The program is intended for DPMG members relatively new to supervision. It is targeted to front-line supervisors who have been in their role for 1-3 years and have had limited opportunities to complete supervisory or leadership training.

A short application will be required upon registration in order to confirm your attendance in the program. This program is 2 full days plus 4 half days. The expectation is that participants attend all six sessions of the program.

Session 1: Leadership for Supervisors                                    Jan 24 (1 day)   9 am - 4 pm
Session 2: Managing in a Unionized Environment              Jan 31 (1 day)   9 am - 4 pm
Session 3: Embracing an Inclusive Workplace                      Feb 7 (.5 day)   9 am - 12 pm
Session 4: Fair and Equitable Hiring                                       Feb 14 (.5 day)  9 am - 12 pm
Session 5: Supporting Performance & Dev                           Feb 28 (.5 day)  9 am - 12 pm
Session 6: Managing Difficult Conversations                       Mar 7 (.5 day)   9 am - 12 pm

An invitation to register will be sent to DPMG members later this month. If interested in registering please block off the dates in your calendar and watch for the email invitation.