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Mosaic Calendar ‑ April 24 ‑ 30

Posted by Human Rights & Equity Services on April 21, 2017 in General Announcements

See below for a sample of dates to observe, reflect, and celebrate or view the full Multifaith calendar, available on our website:
Monday, April 24
Lailat al Mi‘rāj
Lailat al Mi‘rāj (or Isra and Mi‘rāj) commemorates the ascension (al-Mi‘rāj) of the Prophet to heaven. Muslims may attend special prayer services at a mosque, or they may commemorate the holiday privately at home by telling the story to children or reciting special nighttime prayers.

Yom HaShoah
Held in memory of the six million Jews who died as victims of Nazi atrocities (World War II). Observance begins at sundown of the previous day, April 23.

Friday, April 28
Ninth Day of Riḍván
The 9th Day of Riḍván is when Bahá’u’lláh’s family joined Him at the garden of Riḍván in Baghdad. Bahá’ís suspend work on this day. Religious accommodation may be required for this observance/holy day.

Saturday, April 29
(Immortal Third) Celebrates the day when Lord Rishabha broke his first year-long fast by drinking sugar cane juice. (observed by Jainism, Buddhists and Hindus.)

Sunday, April 30
Ghambar Maidyozarem begins
Ghambar Maidyozarem (April 30 - May 4) celebrates the creation of sky and the harvesting of the winter crop.