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Where are you from? Reclaiming the Black Presence in Canada

Posted by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences on May 23, 2013 in General Announcements

Three Dal professors will add to the conversation on the Black Canadian experience this weekend at Where are you from?  Reclaiming the Black Presence in Canada, a conference hosted May 24-26 by the Black Canadian Studies Association and Brock University.  Dr. Afua Cooper, James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies and professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, is a key organizer and presenter at this conference, which will bring together scholars from Canada, the US, the Caribbean and Europe.  The conference will also feature Dalhousie professors Dr. Anthony Stewart, Department of English, and Dr. Claudine Bonner, Social Work. 

“This conference is a major initiative and has a national and international impact,” says Dr. Cooper.  In addition to adding to the conversation, The James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies is also a proud sponsor of this conference. 

The James Robinson Johnston Chair is a national, tenured, senior academic post covering all of Canada based at Dalhousie University. Established in Halifax and reaching across the Diaspora, The Chair honours the distinctive historical presence and unique experiences of African Nova Scotians.  For more information on the Chair, visit http://jamesrjohnstonchair.dal.ca/.