Fall 2016

Fall Story Ideas - Celebrations, Research and Presidential Elections  

US Presidential Election Expertise

With all eyes focused on the upcoming US presidential election, Dalhousie has experts at Dal who can provide comment on your election coverage.

Dr. Howard Ramos, Associate Dean of Research and professor in Dalhousie’s Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, can provide comment on how public opinion, race and ethnicity and social movements play a role in polling and election results. Ramos can also provide comment on Canada / US comparisons.

Department of Political Science PhD Fellow David Beitelman, has been keeping a keen watch on the presidential race. Beitelman can provide comment on campaigns, electoral debates and election results, as well as key themes that have and will arise throughout Clinton and Trumps campaigns including international relations and US foreign policy.

Research at Dal

First Visit, First Tooth – Good Oral Care Begins with Babies
Dr. Ross Anderson has created a customized doll and tool kit aimed at teaching dentists, dental hygienists and other medical professionals about pediatric oral care. Many parents do not take their children to the dentist until they are around three years old, however, tooth decay can begin as soon as baby teeth erupt in a child's mouth. Dr. Anderson’s tool kit, which was launched in January 2016, is being used by health care practitioners across the country to demonstrate the importance of proper oral care in young children.
For more on First Visit, First Tooth visit http://www.firstvisitfirsttooth.ca

Autonomous Hovercraft
Dr. David Barclay and his team are building an autonomous hovercraft equipped with an echo sounder to collect bathymetry in shallow water. Bathymetric surveys are an important part of understanding how the physical features of the ocean floor change over time. In the past, people have used jetskis or have walked with waders on and used a measuring stick, but this autonomous solution is faster, less costly, and requires no human driver/data collector.
Watch a video of the hovercraft on land: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py7rzJ8a6kk

Farm to Table - Chef’s Garden
The Chef's Garden, located on our Truro campus, enables the Agricultural Campus to supply its own vegetables for on-campus dining and education. The Chef’s Garden project was initiated by one of Dal’s students (now graduated), Meghan Summers, in 2011, to encourage campus sustainability. What started as a student project is now a 1.1-acre Chef’s Garden that  produces food for campus dining, using organic principles and a mandate for sustainability. The garden also serves as an educational resource for students and the public.

Canada. World leader in ocean research
The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) is a collaborative research initiative to harness the vast potential of the world’s oceans and meet the ecological, economic and societal challenges of the future. As an international hub for ocean science, OFI will bring together elite researchers and institutes from across the globe to understand our changing oceans and create safe, sustainable solutions for ocean development.

Led by Dalhousie University, OFI represents a historic partnership between the flagship universities of three Atlantic Canadian provinces (Dalhousie, Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Prince Edward Island). The support of partners in the Government of Canada’s federal laboratories, the Royal Canadian Navy, National Film Board of Canada and national and international industry, as well as knowledge shared by eight major international ocean research institutes – including four of the top five in the world – will establish Canada as a global leader in transformative ocean research.

To find out more on OFI, visit http://www.dal.ca/research/centres_and_institutes/ofi.html

Come "Home" To Dalhousie - Dalhousie Homecoming 2016

Honouring Exceptional and Inspirational Alumni
On Thursday October 13, Dalhousie will celebrate five outstanding alumni at the Dalhousie Alumni Awards Dinner. The awards, presented by the Dalhousie Alumni Association, will honour members of the Dalhousie community for their lifetime achievements, volunteerism and career accomplishments.
This year's recipients include:
Dr. John Akabutu will be recognized with the Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions to pediatric cancer and hematology treatments in Alberta. He introduced a revolutionary preventative homecare program for Northern Alberta that led to a reduction in emergency room visits for hemophiliacs and helped prevent crippling joint damage.  Akabutu also started the Alberta Cord Blood Bank, the first of its kind in Canada, in 1996. 
Glenn Dodge will receive the Volunteerism Award for his dedication to making a difference in the lives of others through volunteerism around the globe. Dodge's volunteerism includes, developing an advocacy centre for children’s rights in Nigeria with the Fantsuam Foundation and creating a Monitoring and Evaluation system for Young Power in Social Action in Bangladesh.

Asile and Asraa El-Darahali will be honoured with the Christopher J. Coulter Award for their work in providing dental care to Syrian refugees and volunteering in Dalhousie's community dental clinic. The El-Darahali sisters also volunteer their time creating and supporting campaigns to support members of their local community.
Kevin Bourgeois will be recognized with the A. Gordon Archibald Award for his commitment to Dalhousie’s varsity Track and Field team. Over 12 years, he has committed thousands of volunteer hours to making the program one of the best in Canada, producing many provincial, regional and national champions.

President’s Fun Run/Walk
Join in the fun on October 15, for the President’s Fun Run/Walk. Participants are asked to bring a gently used pair of footwear or socks for those in need. Helping Aerobics First with distribution is Dal student Owen Bishop with Runners for Runners and Dal Alumni Dr. Colin Van Zoost with the Walk in our Shoes Foot Care Clinic. Runners for Runners provides athletic shoes to school aged children in need and promotes the sport of running. Walk in our Shoes Foot Care Clinic is a free foot care clinic for homeless and marginally housed people.

DAL vs SMU Hockey Challenge
The US presidential race isn't the only presidential challenge that's heating up right now. Watch Dal President, Richard Florizone and SMU President, Robert Summerby-Murray discuss their predictions on who will win this Saturday's (Oct. 15) battle on ice, as the Dal Tigers take on the SMU Huskies. There is a lot at stake for the president whose team doesn't come out on top!

The stands at Homecoming Hockey Night will be filled with supporters wearing black and gold to cheer on the Tigers. There will be games, prizes and much more.

For more chances to support the Dal Tigers during Homecoming Weekend, view the full schedule of Athletic events.