'Tis the season ‑ Story ideas for the 2016 holiday season

Binge eating and holiday stress

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be overwhelming for many individuals, especially for those who demonstrate traits of a perfectionist. Dr. Simon Sherry and his team of researchers have found that perfectionists can be prone to binge eating because they often have negative social interactions, feel sad, and diet strictly. For perfectionists, binge eating offers an escape from the problems in their daily lives which can be exacerbated over the holidays. 

Keeping your pet safe over the holidays

The allure of sparkly ornaments, plants and sweet treats can often be to much for fluffy to resist. Dr. Lori Parsons, Coordinator of Dalhousie’s Veterinary Technology Program, can tell you what types of holiday plants and treats to keep away from your beloved furry friends and what to do should they get into something harmful.

All is calm, all is bright...but is your smile?

Many people think about whitening their teeth for the holiday party season. Several different methods of tooth bleaching are available, including kits for home use and treatments that your dentist can perform.  But which methods are safest, which are most effective, and what are the costs of each? Dr. Sachin Seth can talk about the pros and cons of the different options and explain how to keep your teeth white after they have been treated. 

“O Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how durable are your branches....”

Christmas trees are not only a holiday tradition; in Atlantic Canada they are nearly a $100 million industry. Dal Faculty of Agriculture Scientist, Dr. Raj Lada and his team, at the national Christmas Tree Research Centre on Dalhousie’s Truro campus, can tell you what makes the perfect Christmas tree and how by developing science-driven innovative technologies they are increasing the sustainability of the industry. He can also tell you what type of lights will enhance needle retention on Balsam Firs which are the principal Christmas tree species grown in Nova Scotia

Beyond pink and blue – choosing children’s gifts that breakdown conventional gender roles

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to gender specific toys and clothing for children? As we begin moving away from these social constructs, gendered toys continue to reflect and reinforce the social engineering of binary sex roles. Dalhousie has experts in our Gender and Women's Studies Program, who can explain how and why we have been socially programmed to choose gender specific clothing, colours and toys when selecting gifts for the children in our lives.

Home for the holidays

Travelling to see family over the holidays requires careful planning. Looking for the best travel rates and making plans can be time consuming and costly. Lorn Sheehan, professor of strategy in Dalhousie’s Rowe School of Business, can offer advice on when you can typically find the best transit prices and planning tips to ease the stress of travelling during the busy holiday season.  

A marketing frenzy

Holiday marketing campaigns begin flooding our inboxes and physical surroundings as early as November 1. It can be hard to resist markdowns and tax free sales. Dalhousie marketing expert Dan Shaw, can explain more about these marketing strategies and their impact on consumers.