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Media Opportunity: What started as a Dalhousie student’s class project on greening everything from mouthwash to dog food now selling on Amazon as ebook guide

Posted by Communications and Marketing on August 25, 2020 in News

Ever wonder about the impact of the beef industry on the environment and what you can eat in its place? Or how much plastic ends up in the ocean every year and what alternatives you could use to help cut down on packaging that is often just thrown away? Or, how to see through greenwashing marketing trends and become a more eco-minded consumer?

Well, a new ebook by Dalhousie student Hannah Solway offers comprehensive guidance on how to ‘green your life’ and make ecologically friendly choices for everything from dental floss and sunscreen to travel, dining out and doing your laundry.

Solway produced the book after being assigned a project in her Conservation Biology class at Dal to design a research study that would have an environmentally positive impact. She originally intended to create a short list of ecologically harmful everyday products and habits, along with eco-friendly substitutions. But as she researched products and alternatives, her small list expanded into a 76-page document that explains a range of lifestyle changes.

A Guide to Going Green was published in July and is now selling on Amazon, with formats available for all devices (iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc).

The guide has eight chapters, starting with a glossary of key terms, such as sustainability and biodiversity. It then goes through some of the biggest challenges to the environment, why they are happening and ways to mitigate their impact.

Solway is available to discuss her guide and the ways it has helped her make more eco-minded choices when it comes to the products she buys, the food she eats and how she lives her life.

A link to the guide can be found here.

Media Contact:
Alison Auld
Senior Research Reporter
Dalhousie University
Cell: 902-220-0491



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