Dalhousie communications officers

Faculty/Department Name Phone # Email
Advancement - Alumni Engagement Allison Langille
902-494-2808 allison.langille@dal.ca
Advancement Elizabeth Thompson 902-494-3625 elizabeth.thompson@dal.ca
Agriculture Stephanie Rogers 902-893-7247 s.rogers@dal.ca
Ancilliary Services Robert Moffat 902-494-2197 robert.moffat@dal.ca
Architecture & Planning Anne Swan
902-494-1378 anne.swan@dal.ca
Arts & Social Sciences Genevieve MacIntyre
902-494-6288 genevieve.macintyre@dal.ca
Bookstore Melinda Stanley 902-494-8918 melinda.stanley@dal.ca
College of Sustainability Debra Ross 902-494-7805 debra.ross@dal.ca
Computer Science Andrea Hart   andrea.hart@dal.ca
Computer Science Rebecca Rawcliffe
902-494-3446 r.rawcliffe@dal.ca
Dalplex Angela Barrett-Jewers 902-494-2137 angela.barrett@dal.ca
Dentistry Cheryl Bell
902-494-3183 cheryl.bell@dal.ca
Engineering Merilyn Layne 902-494-3158
Facilities Management  Mary-Jane Webber
902-219-1555 mjwebber@dal.ca
Government Relations Laura Hynes Jenkins 902-494-6654 laura.hynes.jenkins@dal.ca
Grad Studies
Vacant 902-494-2458 graduate.studies@dal.ca
Health Dawn Morrison
902-494-2594 dawn.morrison@dal.ca
Human Resources Kelly Taylor 902-494-3888 kelly.taylor@dal.ca
Law Stephanie Hurley 902-494-2618 stephanie.hurley@dal.ca
Management Nicole Maunsell 902-494-3716 nicole.maunsell@dal.ca
Medicine Jason Bremner
902-494-1964 jason.bremner@dal.ca
Medicine Kate Rogers 902-240-5091
Medicine (NB) Alexandra Fournier 506-636-6279 alexandra.fournier@dal.ca
Ocean Frontier Institute Greg Hanna
867-444-8850 Greg.hanna@ofi.ca
Oceans Tracking Network Anja Samardzic 902-494-4405 anja.samardzic@dal.ca
Open Learning and Career Development
Breanne Markotich
902-494-2526 Breanne.markotich@dal.ca
Performing Arts Kate Hayter 902-494-3772 kate.hayter@dal.ca
Psychiatry Vacant 902-473-2470 psychiatry@dal.ca
Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative   902-494-3769
Science Caitlyn MacQueen 902-494-8443 caitlyn.macqueen@dal.ca
Science, Information Technology, Engineering Co-operative Education (SITE)
Meredith Murray   meredith.murray@dal.ca
Student Affairs Jo Castillo
902-494-6961 jo.castillo@dal.ca
Student Affairs
Graeme Gunn 902-494-6982 graeme.gunn@dal.ca
Student Affairs Kristie Gillis
902-237-9691 kristie.pettipas@dal.ca
Student Affairs
Jeff Lawton 902-494-8444 jeffrey.lawton@dal.ca