CLT Event: Active Learning in Collaborate Ultra and Teams

It’s well known that active learning strategies in the classroom result in better learning in students compared to more passive learning strategies. How can we integrate active learning into our online classes?

Join us for a practical demonstration of active learning in both Collaborate Ultra and Microsoft Teams!

Participants in this session will take part in two breakout group exercises – one in Collaborate Ultra, and one in Microsoft Teams. The presenters will not only facilitate the activities to allow you to get a feel for them from a student’s perspective, and they will also provide detailed step-by-step tips for how to plan and execute similar activities in your own online classes.


Peter Newbury – Educational Developer with the CLT embedded in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science
Kate Thompson – Educational Developer (eLearning) with the CLT embedded in the Faculty of Science


Registration closes Friday, February 26 at 10:45 am.  A link to the session will be sent at least one-hour prior to the event.  If you do not receive the link or wish to register after it's closed, please email​


Training & Professional Development




Online via Collaborate Ultra and Microsoft Teams