CH&E Seminar Series: Transforming Health for Nova Scotians through Research, Innovation, and Discovery: A Roadmap for Success

Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Vice President of Research, Innovation & Discovery and Chief Nurse Executive, Nova Scotia Health

Doris Grant, Senior Director of Innovation, Nova Scotia Health

Dr. Tara Sampalli, Senior Scientific Director, Nova Scotia Health

Dr. Jordan Warford, Senior Director of Research, Nova Scotia Health


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The health needs of our province are varied and pressing, requiring new system-wide solutions guided by an evidence-informed strategy. Nova Scotia Health's Research, Innovation and Discovery team will share the story of how its mission to lead and facilitate research and innovation excellence to improve the health of Nova Scotians is changing the clinical landscape, moving the organization toward a learning health system. From new industry partnerships to focused supports for clinical trials and embedded scientists, you'll gain an understanding of how the team is redefining innovation, improving access to care, and paving the path forward for rapid evidence implementation. Learn how our focus on collaboration, culture, and capacity can support your work and explore the many opportunities to partner as we launch into a new chapter of growth for our region.


Speaker Bios

Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy is the Vice President of Research, Innovation & Discovery and Chief Nurse Executive for Nova Scotia Health. Gail is an active champion of research and innovation in healthcare, leading our teams to seek creative solutions and agile processes in order to deliver the best care for the best health outcomes. As an internationally recognized expert in population needs-based approaches to health systems and workforce planning, evaluation and research, Gail has been an Expert Advisor on health workforce to the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization since 2005, and is the Director of the WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning and Research (Dalhousie University). When not in the boardroom, Gail can be found on her road bike raising awareness for cancer research and taking in the scenic Nova Scotia coast. 


Doris Grant is the Senior Director of Innovation at Nova Scotia Health where her team is focused on transforming healthcare and health of Nova Scotians through innovation-driven solutions. She brings over 20 years of experience delivering successful research and commercial partnerships with industry, entrepreneurs, government, researchers and clinicians. Most recently, Doris led both the commercialization and industry engagement activities for the life and health sciences sectors at Dalhousie's Industry Liaison and Innovation office. Prior to Dalhousie, Doris spent several years in business development and the intellectual property departments at Biogen where her processes were scaled globally across the organization. Never one to miss an opportunity to connect, Doris is well-known for her Cape Breton roots and love of tea.


Dr. Tara Sampalli is the Senior Scientific Director for Nova Scotia Health. Tara effectively blends research with practice bringing the novel concept of "embedded research" into healthcare. Her research interests include chronic disease management and multimorbidities, integrated models of care, knowledge management and application of innovative IT solutions in healthcare. Her team has pioneered the concept of rapid reviews that have played a central role informing the health system's COVID-19 response. Taking multi-tasking to a new level, Tara can be found dancing the tango, foxtrot and rumba every weekend, and has recently begun leading classical vocal singing sessions over Zoom with friends. 


Dr. Jordan Warford is the Senior Director of Research for Nova Scotia Health. A leader in healthcare administration and innovative discovery science, Jordan's approach to strengthening our research ecosystem has resulted in tactical strategies that improve processes and position teams for maximum impact across Nova Scotia. Grounded in a background of translational neuroscience, Jordan is focused on the integration of research into the continuum of care through clinical trials. He has extensive policy experience spanning provincial post-secondary program evaluation committees, patient advocacy groups and is presently on the Board of Directors for the ALS Society of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. No stranger to a challenge, Jordan recently took up mountain biking where he competes with his toddlers on trails across the province.‚Äč