First Wave: Atlantic Canada's Chief Medical Officers Discuss Lessons From COVID-19

The Faculty of Medicine and the MacEachen Instit​​ute for Public Policy and Governance are excited to announce a new partnership to explore important health policy questions.

Our first collaboration is a live stream panel discussion on COVID-19, featuring the Chief Medical Officers of the Atlantic Bubble. As we near the end of Wave One of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Atlantic provinces, it is time to take stock and understand what worked in our approach. This is an opportunity to explore what we can change to prepare for Wave Two, which is expected in the fall and winter.

A panel of health leaders will explore the responses to COVID-19 in the Maritimes. How did the Atlantic provinces work together? What did we learn that we want to keep and what should we not continue? How did we work with our provincial, territorial and federal counterparts?

The link for the event will be made available on the Facebook Event Page​ and MacEachen Institute website​ before the event begins on October 1, 2020 at 7 p.m. ADT. (The video will also be made available after the event.)

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