I Did It... And So Can You!

In​​ this session, Amira Tawashy, an instructor in the School of Occupational Therapy shares how she adapted her high-enrolment (n = 130 students), lecture and exam-based graduate course in neuroscience for online delivery. Strategies included “chunking up” traditional two hour lectures into shorter pieces; strategically interspersing interactive modules and videos with the required lecture content; re-designing the course assessments to include a discussion board and a scaffolded project; and building community through voiceover videos, personal anecdotes, and synchronous tutorials.  Amira will discuss how moving away from the black and whiteness of high-stakes tests and into the flexibility of low stakes quizzes, autonomy and self-direction in terms of project selection and presentation, and active learning created a successful learning environment. 


Amira Tawashy graduated with her OT degree from Dalhousie University and Masters of Science degree from UBC.  Though Amira has 15 years of clinical experience working with individuals who have sustained spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, most of her current work focuses on wheelchair provision in under-resourced settings.  Amira currently teaches in the Occupational Therapy program at Dalhousie University and travels with the Walkabout Foundation to provide wheelchairs and wheelchair education to individuals living in Eastern Africa.

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