28-day Mental Health Wellness Challenge (self-directed)

Join the 28-day mental health wellness challenge!

Small habits, repeated regularly or pulled in as you need them, boost your wellness and resilience. This mental health wellness challenge provides some guidance to keep you on track and ideas that you might not have tried yet.

How it works: Each day will give you one simple thing to do that will support your mental wellness. Seem too easy?  That's the point.  Small habits nurtured over time yield big results. 

Since the challenge is self-directed, you can start this journey whenever you like.

Add some accountability to your experience by sending an update each Monday to healthy@dal.ca about what you did and how it went. This can help keep your motivation high.  To further keep you motivated, weekly prizes will be awarded by drawing a name from those who submit a weekly email update.  Prizes include $50 gift cards to Skip the Dishes, Amazon, grocery stores, and gas stations. Draws will continue weekly until August 10, 2020.

Visit the Challenge Calendar - 1 thing a day for 28 days. Substitutions are acceptable.

Register here so we can track participation. Have your friends and family members participate, too.

NOTE: If you have existing mental health concerns or could use additional supports, consider contacting your personal health professional or Dal's Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).​


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