Supporting the Mental Health of Those You Supervise

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Responses to the current pandemic, and the additional tragic losses in the province, vary by individual.  Some are deeply affected and others less so.  Knowing who needs what has become more challenging than usual. Providing support for staff remotely presents an added strain when supervisors are dealing with their own home circumstance and their own reactions to the situation.  This session is meant to provide a space for sharing and learning in a time we haven’t encountered before. 

Some of the topics we will cover:

  1. How do I make sure my staff are doing okay?
  2. I have concerns about a staff member’s mental health and don’t know how to raise it.
  3. My staff over-share about their problems.  
  4. I am worn out and am having trouble dealing with things.

There will be time devoted to interacting, asking questions and supporting each other.

Our Presenter: Dr. David Pilon is the Director of Counselling and Psychological Services at Dalhousie Student Health and Wellness.​​


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