Visiting Speaker - Andrew Schrumm, RBC Research

Present the findings of RBC’s Farmer 4.0, a report that examines the 2020s as a decade of disruption in agriculture, and the high skill-set that the next generation of farm operators will need to embrace. It proposes that Canadian agriculture can add another $11B in output through an effective use of skills training, education and increasing awareness in agriculture.

Affiliation: Andrew Schrumm, Senior Manager, Research, RBC Thought Leadership

Bio-note: Andrew is the research lead for RBC’s Thought Leadership group, which examines how Canada can enter the 2020s as a diverse, innovative and sustainable nation. He has split his career between roles in research and regulation, centred on addressing the question of how institutions and markets respond to changes. He joined RBC in 2018, and has split his career between roles in research and regulatory policy.
Previously worked at the Ontario Securities Commission as an advisor on international cooperation, and at the Centre for International Governance Innovation where he managed a research program on the reform of global institutions amid the rise of emerging economic powers. While his focus is currently on human capital and competitively, his background is international relations, looking at global finance, emerging economies and energy politics. Andrew holds degrees in political studies and finance from Queen’s University.


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