Into to Tai Chi

This ten-session course will introduce you to the Standard Yang Style 24 movement set as practiced all over the world. During the five sessions, the theory, history and cultural significance behind the practice of Tai Chi will be discussed.  Each class will be structured with:

1.       10 minute “warm-up”

2.       10 minute review of the last sessions

3.       10 minute short discussion break

4.       20 minute introduction of a new movement

5.       10 minute practice of Tai Chi

No prior experience is required; wear a flat shoe or sneaker and no tight clothing.  It is suggested that you bring some water to drink during and after the class.

This course is intended to help you develop your own personal practice of Tai Chi.  Consider each class the opportunity to learn more and to enhance your personal practice.

Please note that completion of all 24 movements in not mandatory.  The course will move at the speed of the class.  It is more important to do a few moves correctly than to do more of the movements poorly.

Also, please come and be prepared to have fun and socialize with the others in the class.  Tai Chi is sometimes called “Play Tai Chi.”​


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