Chair in Population Cancer Research Candidate Academic Presentation - Winson Y. Cheung, MD, MPH, FRCPC

Winson Y. Cheung, MD, MPH, FRCPC

Professor, Departments of Medicine and Oncology, University of Calgary

Director, Health Services Research, Cancer Control Alberta

Medical Oncologist, Section of Medical Oncology, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Chair, Cancer Healt​h Outcomes Research Database (CHORD) Consortium

Clinician-Scientist, Real World Evidence, Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

Co-Lead, Health Systems, Services, and Policy, Applied Research in Cancer Control (ARCC)

Title: The Top 5 Population-Based Research Questions Facing Cancer

Abstract: In this presentation, the speaker will delve into the important area of population-based research including the increasing role of using health outcomes studies and real-world evidence to inform treatment decision-making in the context of cancer care. While clinical trials remain the gold standard for the evaluation of efficacy of novel therapies and interventions, there is a need to assess their effectiveness in routine clinical care. This encompasses a spectrum of topics, such as adoption and dissemination of new treatments, survivorship and end-of-life care. There is also growing recognition that clinical trials only represent a fraction of the population that clinicians encounter; therefore, population-based research is increasing being used to measure patterns of care and outcomes in the marginalized subsets of our population that are frequently excluded from trials. This presentation will highlight recent examples of real-world evidence and the future direction of this important field of research. 

Bio: Winson Y. Cheung, MD, MPH, FRCPC is a medical oncologist and a nationally and internationally recognized population health researcher and real-world data scientist. He is currently appointed as Full Professor in the Departments of Oncology, Medicine, and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary where he is also the Provincial Director and Chair of Cancer Health Services Research and Real-World Evidence. Prior to his leadership recruitment to Calgary in 2017, he worked at BC Cancer in Vancouver for 7 years. Dr. Cheung's primary research interest is using big data for health services, outcomes, and population-based research as well as generating real-world evidence across all tumor sites. His projects focus on understanding the interplay of various patient, physician, and system level factors that drive practice patterns in the population-based setting and learning how costs and processes can be modified to better inform care. The overarching goal of his work is to ensure that cancer care is appropriately accessed and delivered to patients in an equitable and effective manner. His own research and those of his trainees appear frequently in high impact scientific journals. To date, he has published 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts and received over 10 million dollars in competitive research grants.


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