Dr. Saul Green Memorial Lecture

Imagining better health care: can counterfactual (“what if...”) learning by analogy from the bible

Dr. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick, MD, PhD, Professor, Dalhousie University, and Member, Rotman Institute of Philosophy


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University of King's College, Alumni Hall, Academic Building, 6350 Coburg Road



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Contemporary health care requires further transformation for improved effectiveness and efficiency. Creative and critical thinking is crucial for such transformation. A couple of promising aspects of creative and critical thinking that have not been sufficiently used for health care transformation are learning from counterfactuals (using what if… examples) and learning by analogy (referring to similar issues in other areas of life). This presentation will integrate these aspects to learn from the bible how to consider health care transformation in Canada. For example, Abraham’s decision making to sacrifice his son Isaac will be addressed to argue for transformation in forensic psychiatry, and Noah’s selection process of animals for the Ark will be addressed to argue for transformation in health care funding. In conclusion, conceptual tools such as learning from counterfactuals and by analogy should be explored further in support of health care transformation.

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