Civility at Work: Benefits and Barriers (HALIFAX, TRURO and SAINT JOHN)

​his workshop is offered as part of the Staff and Faculty Heath and Wellness program. To regester please click here.

In this presentation Dana Kabat-Farr, from the Faculty of Management, will share findings from her recent research, and that of her colleagues, documenting the personal, professional, and organizational benefits of “just being nice” at work. She will also present some common barriers to civil workplaces, focusing on the risk factors of experiencing incivility. There will be ample time for discussion and dialogue around these issues, with an eye to connecting research to practice.

Our Presenter: Dana Kabat-Farr is an Assistant Professor in the Rowe School of Business. She joined the faculty in July 2016. She was previously on faculty at the University of Nevada-Reno and received her PhD from the University of Michigan in 2012. Her research focuses on workplace social experiences – both negative (incivility, harassment) and positive (citizenship). She has examined (1) relationships between workgroup "tokenism" and gender harassment, (2) incivility as covert discrimination against women and people of colour, and (3) positive and negative experiences that influence employees' ability to thrive.