IE Seminar - Robust Gear Pitting Detection for Condition Monitoring of Gearbox

The gear pairs in a gearbox is a source of vibration and noise. Among the various flaws commonly encountered in case of gear tooth, the pitting on the tooth surface is a common one. This talk will discuss the reasons for the vibration arising out of the gear-meshing and discuss recent work at the Vibration Research lab, IIT Delhi to explore robust gear pitting detection methods considering the associated dynamics and novel signal processing to extract the features. As the pitting level increases, the amplitude and frequency modulation characteristics are influenced. By processing the time domain data, the correlation of the future measured vibration to the baseline healthy condition data is quantified through a proposed correlation coefficient of residual vibration signal. Based on many run-to-failure test data on a specially designed gearbox life test rig, it is found that the pitting detection using this parameter gives significantly better results. In another work on a wind turbine gearbox, the dynamics of the planetary stage is modeled and methods to detect damage (a fatigue crack) on the planet gear tooth using vibration data are proposed.​


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5269 Morris Street; Room 310.



Additional Information

Speaker: Dr. Ashish Darpe, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Affiliation: IIT Delhi