Self-Defence Class (open to all)

This session is offered as part of the Dalhousie staff and faculty Organizational Health and Wellness program. Please regester for this event here.​

This participatory session is designed to give participants tips to protect themselves and confidence in case their personal safety is at risk. 

Participants will learn:

Participants should not worry about dressing a specific way, as you aren’t always wearing sweatpants when you need to defend yourself.

Our instructor:  Connor McKechnie is a Co-op Student with Dal Security who has been teaching karate classes since he was 14. He has a first degree black belt in Shido-Kan Karate and won two bronze medals for Canada at the 2016 International Games hosted by The International Congress of Martial Arts.

  • ways to use the DalSafe app to stay safe
  • various techniques to get away from someone who is grabbing you or is on top of you
  • how to prevent someone from trying to strangle you or using your hair to pull you down
  • how to strike someone to prevent them from following you while you flee the scene
  • safety tips for walking alone and making use of available weapons


Health and Wellness