33rd Annual Cameron Conference

Approximately 39 students in the Biology and Marine Biology Honours programs will present their thesis research, in areas ranging from molecular genetics to the behaviour of large vertebrates. Many of the past presenters at the Cameron Conference have gone on to distinguished careers in biological research and teaching, the health professions, public service, and business. The Cameron Conference is our best forum for highlighting the work of our young scholars, at this early stage of their scientific careers.

The morning and afternoon sessions of the conference include both poster presentations and selected oral presentations. Coffee and other refreshments and lunch are provided.

The Cameron Conference is named in honour of the late M. L. Cameron, a professor at Dalhousie for many years who devoted much of his academic career to the development of our Honours program, and to the education, training, and mentoring of Biology students.

We are proud to host this event, which show-cases the research done by our Honours students.  We look forward to seeing you there.






2nd and 3rd Floor Link, LSC




Margi Cooper, Biology, 902-494-8436