Community Health & Epidemiology Seminar Series – Special Seminar - Bradley Johnston, PhD & Regina El Dib, PhD - "Trustworthy and novel dietary guidelines: Early results of systematic reviews on red and processed meat"

Background: Many nutritional guidelines do not adhere to internationally recognized standards for trustworthy guidelines. For instance, existing guidelines include limited high quality systematic reviews of both observational studies and randomized trials, and within these systematic reviews, guideline developers have not conducted independent analyses on food intake using dose-response and dietary pattern meta-analysis.
 Objective: To explore meta-analysis results of various study designs, setting an example for other organizations involved in nutrition-related guideline development.
Methods: We will provide an overview of our systematic review methods, including risk of bias assessment for randomized trials and observational studies, dose-response meta-analysis, methods for assessing the overall certainty of evidence, and a novel method developed to further explore the potential causal association between red and processed meat intake and adverse health outcomes (e.g. cancer, cardiometabolic disease) – meta-analysis of dietary pattern studies. We will also present our systematic review methods on assessing consumers' values and preferences that will be used to inform food-based recommendations, and how values and preferences are used in making guideline recommendations.
Conclusion: It is anticipated that NutriRECS methods will serve as a model for other nutrition-related organizations wishing to develop high quality systematic reviews, reviews that will inform trustworthy and novel guideline recommendations.

Dr. Bradley Johnston (PhD) is an Associate Professor with the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology at Dalhousie University were he leads research and teaching on the methodology and conduct of clinical and public health practice guidelines, patient-reported outcome measures, as well as randomized controlled trials. His work involves the application of these methods to a wide range of areas, with a particular interest in the education, principles and practice of evidence-based nutrition.  The trust of his research work is as the Director and Co-founder of NutriRECS, an international consortium aiming to develop trustworthy and novel nutritional guideline recommendations on major nutrition, food and dietary pattern questions.
Dr. Regina El Dib (PhD) is a visiting professor and clinical epidemiologist with the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology at Dalhousie University. She is a tenured Assistant Professor in the Institute of Science and Technology, Estadual Paulista University (Unesp), Brazil, and is the Director of the systematic review unit of the Botucatu Medical School, Unesp, registered in the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. She has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, primarily involving systematic reviews and meta-analysis of interventional, prognostic and diagnostic accuracy studies, as well as research on methods for advancing evidence synthesis methodology. She is also an adjunct researcher with the McMaster Institute of Urology, McMaster University in Canada, collaborating on a number of primary and secondary studies in kidney cancer.​



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