Belong Forum: Temple Grandin

“What would it take to create a world where we all feel like we truly belong?”  That’s the question behind the Belong Forums, a public lecture series in honour of Dalhousie’s 200th anniversary, featuring internationally respected thinkers, trailblazers and change-makers.

Join us as professor and autism advocate Temple Grandin visits our Agricultural Campus for one of several Belong Forums happening this year.   

Dr. Temple Grandin is almost certainly both the world’s most famous animal scientist and the world’s most recognized person with autism. She turned the childhood pain of being different into a life of profound purpose, using her unique perspective to change the face of animal welfare and give hope and inspiration to millions of people and families living with autism spectrum diagnoses.

Free admission with limited seats available.

Please note that registration for Temple Grandin’s Belong Forum is full.

On September 27, you can watch the event livestream here.




Alumni Theatre, Cumming Hall
62 Cumming Drive, Truro