POSTPONED: Rabbi Ellis Provides Context for Chaim Potok's Novel, 'The Chosen'

"The Chosenby Chaim Potok:  Rabbi Ellis Provides Background and Context"

Thecommunity is invited to a guest lecture by Rabbi David Ellis of the Atlantic Jewish Council, in English 1001, The Novel, in the classroom of the Banting Building, Room 25, Dal-AC Campus, Truro, from 9-9:45 am, on March 14th.

Rabbi Ellis will provide background and context on the novel The Chosen, by American writer Chaim Potok, which features the story of two Orthodox communities in NY during World War II, the post-war realities of the Holocaust revealed, and the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.  The novel tells this story, however, through the experiences of two boys growing up and a powerful friendship, as well as the challenges of parenting in this tumultuous time.



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Banting Building, Room 25 Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, Truro



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