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Fail Forward: Falling Short and Climbing Up

When we see successful faculty members lecture in front of class or a coach leading a university team, we can see that they have achieved much. But we don’t always know the path that brought them there. Join us for an informal forum to hear about the failures and experiences that led to the success of several FASS faculty members and a Dal Tigers coach. We offer this as a way of letting students and community members know that they are not alone in facing personal and professional hardships on their journeys. In fact, failure is not something to be avoided, rather it might be a key ingredient toward growth, success and happiness in your life.

Moderator and Event Organizer
Liesl L. Gambold Associate Professor, Sociology and Social Anthropology

Panel Members
Carrie Dawson Associate Professor, English
Eli Diamond Associate Professor, Classics
Chris Helland Associate Professor, Sociology &
Social Anthropology
Anna Stammberger Dal Women’s Basketball Coach
Emily Varto Associate Professor, Classics​​


Lectures, Seminars




Scotiabank Auditorium, McCain Building 6135 University Avenue, Dalhousie University




Contact liesl.gambold@dal.ca for more information