Electrical & Computer Engineering Department – Distinguished Speaker Series: Modern day antenna designs for airspace, UAV and maritime communication systems. Environment safeguarding with novel microwave and radar technologies.

The presentation will highlight some results achieved during recent research projects carried out at the R&D Group specializing in Telecommunications Onboard Electronics for Spacecraft and Other Transportation Means at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.  Nowadays antenna technologies for aerospace uses, entered the phase when they are expected to start benefit from ground breaking advancements in material engineering and in modern electromagnetics. In this presentation a few new lightweight antenna technologies developed and implemented in space and in aviation applications will be presented. These antennas feature slim profile and first of them have proved already their space-worthiness during ten-year space missions. Two other antenna categories to be discussed are conformal antennas and have been developed for re-entry space transportation and for broadband at sea communication operating at radio links over sea that has range beyond the horizon.

Novel antennas and microwave technologies are a key factor enabling implementation of new techniques for environment safeguarding on sea and land. With such technologies, the brand new broadband communication between vessels can be operated on regular base. The most modern high sensitive polarimetric radar for UAV platforms are to be capable not only to detect pollutions but also to classify objects detected on sea surface such as oil spills, plastics and other materials. Some results of the research carried out in this areas by the R&D Group will be discussed.


Presenter Biography

Dr. Pawel Kabacik is the Research Leading Professor and the head of the R&D Group specializing in Telecommunications Onboard Electronics for Spacecraft and Other Means of Transportation at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. The Group develops new technologies for aerospace and maritime uses. Born in Wroclaw, Poland, in 1963; graduated with honors in telecommunication. He received the Ph.D. in electrical engineering with award. He is promoted to the Doctor of Sciences degree, a habilitation degree used in some European countries. 

His research interest is focused on antenna and RF/microwave technologies for harsh environment applications. This includes but is not limited to space and aerospace engineering, satellites, manned and cargo space transportation such as for re-entry missions, maritime radar and broadband at sea. Special attention in his research is given to modern day radar with focus on early warning functions serving needs of environment protection and to operate with UAV platforms. Recent credits for his research include being a Principal Investigator to many projects on broadband at sea, antennas for re-entry flights, for applications at UAVs and for search & rescue services, near-field measuring systems, spaceborne antennas and complete communication equipment for use onboard minisatellites. He received several recognitions for his research work, of which the most valuable is the 2000 IEEE Harold A. Wheeler Applications Prize Paper Award Honorable Mention. He was the TPC member of two dozen conferences and is the General Co-Chair of European Conference on Antennas and Propagation EuCAP 2019 to be held in Krakow.


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