Awakening your Productivity: Making your Workload Workable

December 1, 8, 2017 and January 11, 18, 2018 (4-part series)
9:00 - 12:00 p.m. each day
Room 224, Student Union Building

The new normal seems to be that most of us feel hurried, overburdened and off-balance most of the time. It so often feels like we are impacted by circumstances beyond our control. While we live in a world where “productivity tips,” “time management tools” and “work-life balance strategies” are all around us, we struggle to implement them on a consistent basis. 

This highly interactive workshop is delivered in four segments of 3 hours each. It provides practical tools and strategies to manage our ever-growing workload, But it also provides a powerful framework for increasing self-awareness and avoiding self-defeating behaviours. 


At the end of these 4 sessions, participants will:

  • Have increased clarity around what’s most important and be able to distinguish them from the urgent
  • Know how to avoid getting stuck in the “balance trap”
  • Have a quick and easy way to plan their day and prioritize their tasks
  • Know how and when to “Say No”
  • Be able to quickly prepare for important conversations
  • Be aware of how and when they get emotionally hooked and pulled off-course
  • Understand their procrastination patterns
  • Increase their capacity to remain grounded in the midst of upheaval​





Room 224, Student Union Building




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