Walking the Debris Field: Public Geographies of the Halifax Explosion - Storytelling roundtable

Storytelling roundtable featuring Catherine Martin, Janet Maybee, Ben Stone, and David Woods. Facilitated by Mary Elizabeth Luka of NiS+TS.

So much of what we know about the Halifax Explosion and its aftermath has come to us from storytellers; sometimes they are our relatives and neighbours, but we also learn and are moved by what we encounter in journals, diaries, songs, letters, and archives. Mi’kmaw filmmaker and storyteller Catherine Martin, from Millbrook First Nation, will tell us about the personal connections she has discovered between the Indigenous Dartmouth community of Turtle Grove, and her family members. Janet Maybee and Ben Stone are working with documents and records from the legal aftermath of the Explosion, turning them into an award-winning book (in Maybee’s case) and an upcoming  dramatic courtroom presentation (for Stone, of Zuppa Theatre). Artist, curator, and writer David Woods is currently preparing a play, Extraordinary Acts, about the leadership, generosity, and historical importance of Halifax’s only Black doctor at the time of the Explosion, Dr. C.C. Ligoure. Come to this roundtable and learn more about these stories, and perhaps share some of your own.


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